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Reading is FUNdamental.

Have you ever had that feeling where you’re reading a story and you don’t want to read it any more? I get this sometimes. Not because it’s a bad story, but because you’ve come to care about the characters. You like them and don’t want anything bad to happen to them… and you know that if you keep reading, something very bad is going to happen.

So you put the book down. Just for a break. And it gets harder and harder to pick up the book and keep reading. And then sometimes you put that book down and you just never pick it up again.

Ever have that feeling… in a relationship?

I have no clue where this story is going but it wanted to be written.

It was a Tuesday. I’ve never gotten the hang of Tuesdays. They are the most insecure day of the week. A little more confidence and Tuesdays and I may have gotten along just fine but just not to happen.

I blame Tyr, the Norse god of single combat. Tuesdays are named after him. Imagine having once been so important that when they were naming the days of the week they picked the sun and moon and the third most important thing they could think of was this guy. Tyr’s day. And now no one knows who the hell he is. It’s completely undermined Tuesdays. They’re just a wreck as a result.

This particular Tuesday I was a file clerk. I was a file clerk because I needed the money and because I had convinced the temporary help agency that not only did I know all twenty-six letters of my alphabet, I had a reasonable chance of getting them in the right order.

I work my fingertips into the cracks in our relationship ostensibly to hold us together but imperceptibly widening them. Where is the calming peace… the relationship superglue… the cyanoacrylate of the soul?
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